Aloha Elementary Health Medical Academy

11737 E. 214th Street

Lakewood, CA 90715
Phone: (562) 924-8329


Aloha Elementary, a Health and Medical Magnet Academy, is a treasure box of teaching, learning, and growing. The school is comprised of a diverse student population and a devoted, caring staff. We take great pride in continually implementing our school vision of dedicating ourselves to ensuring the academic success of every student, and providing a safe and comprehensive educational experience. Our classrooms engage student learning through unique and creative lessons that help each child become a lifelong learner. Additionally, teachers go above and beyond their duties to help benefit their students by seeking resources and partnerships in the local community to reinforce foundations, emphasize current grade level standards, and highlight attractive components of our Magnet. Our school is a prized opportunity that will enrich every child that attends.

A Thematic Approach

The foundation of our Health and Medical Academy begins in our Head Start Preschool Program by being consistent with common language that is used throughout the entire school to grade six. As students engage in curriculum enriched with health and medical information, they become academically advantaged, and are valuable resources for the health and medical industry. A school wide scope and sequence is in place to ensure integration of our magnet theme with the California State Standards. Not only are these themes connected within each grade, but also through a continuum that is existent vertically, as each child moves to the next grade level. When students begin their educational journey at our Academy, they will participate in each of the following magnet themes:

  • Taking Care of Ourselves, Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Why We Get Sick
  • Living Things and the Human Machine
  • Those Who Serve, Those Who Keep Us Healthy
  • Influential People in the Health and Medical Field

Please do not hesitate to call 562-924-8329 to speak to a staff member about visiting our campus for a tour!

What is a Magnet School?

A Magnet School is one that is chosen by its district and the federal government to receive extra funding, equipment, teachers, and training to "specialize" in a chosen field or two. All of the 16 Magnet Schools in ABCUSD have been awarded over $20 million federal monies to develop and sustain theme-based programs of excellence.